I"m playing the Borderlands 2 DLC Torgue Campaign of Carnage and for the challenge "C4 is for Cookie" you must destroy 6 boxes of cookies. I found 5, but I can"t find the 6th box of cookies.

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Where is the last box of cookies? Can it be located before the end of the "Breaking and Entering" quest?


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Starting from the entrance, which is marked by the green diamond in the map below and proceeding along the outer ring (counter-clockwise on the map), the storage areas holding the cookies boxes are the first, second, and fourth rooms initially. Beyond the two conjoined rooms there are cookie boxes in the seventh and eighth rooms.

The most commonly-overlooked cookie box is not in fact in a storage room, but within the hidden basement room; the top-middle map marker in the image below. The hidden room is sealed beneath a grate, which can be opened by stepping on a hexagonal gray button in the floor nearby.




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