Hi. I'm a returning player playing for a couple weeks after a nearly 4 years break. I don't remember a lot and I'm a bit lost as to what I should be focusing on. I'm almost exclusively a pve player.

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What soul shield should I be focusing next? What equipment should I prioritize upgrading?

Do I really have to farm for imperial cores so I can get my imperial ring/belt?

Do I actually have to do battlegrounds at all or can I just skip that entirely?

Also, what soul shield does the thornbreaker soul shield chest contains?

Here's a link to my character info so you guys can see what I currently have on:


or, alternatively: https://bnstree.com/character/na/Ma%20Ping

Thank you in advance for any help. :)

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If you need help, feel free to add me on discord (Selena#0379)

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Big ups to you for helping new and returning players, seen it a few times. Helping the community!

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You will always go for the next highest tier soul shield set you can acquire. Dungeon soul shields are no longer needed besides achievement hunting.

You want to get TT (nightfall sanctuary) ring and earring when possible then aim for IA (steelbreaker) ring and earring in the future. For glove, belt, necklace, and bracelet aim to get the highest tier dungeon drop you can, yes it will need to be farmed.

Battlegrounds are not necessary until you reach thornbreaker weapon or higher and are able to use enhancement stones (don’t think that is the correct name but the item is the reward for completing 7/7 weekly challenge) to achieve +levels on said weapon which boost its stats. Very end game oriented but might as well accumulate as you gear up.

Thornbreaker soul shields contain the soul shields from ET (twilight temple, second highest tier currently). Unless it is a primer chest, in which case you can use them to enhance soul shield stats such as crit.

See more: (Pdf) Laws Of The Night Revised Pdf Version), (Pdf) Laws Of The Night, Revised

Edit: for gear priority you’d probably want to go bracelet -> earring/ring -> neck , while farming ToI tokens for a fused soul badge and accumulating materials for weapon and soul. Sell raids for ET are fairly cheap at the moment and you can get legendary mystic badge as weapon upgrade material and soul shields.