Popular cigars that you can buy at the gas station are Dutch Masters, Backwoods Smokes and Black & Mild. Buying gas station cigars may not be the most luxurious option but there are a few surprisingly good cigar brands for when you have no other choice!

Many avoid buying cigars from a gas station because these roadside shops rarely use a proper humidor to store cigars. This does put in question their quality.

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On the other hand, a cigar does not have to be pricey to be enjoyable. If you left your cigars at home and have a craving for their scent and taste, these top affordable brands might satisfy you.

My Recommended Gas Station Cigars!

Dutch Masters


Dutch Masters is a brand that knows how to keep up with the times while still respecting the classics. You can buy both their traditional cigars and cigarillos but what is increasingly popular is their fusion blend.

Dutch Fusion Blends and Dutch Masters Cigarillos are available in a wide range of flavors from fruity to earthy or creamy. They are sold at gas stations in packs of 2 or 3 so you have enough for the weekend.

Backwoods Smokes


For a taste of homegrown cigars, you can grab a few Backwoods Smokes at your gas station. This American brand sells their small cigars in a pack as they are designed to be enjoyed in less time than a regular cigar.

These are machine-made in Puerto Rico with Carribean basin Cuban seed as filler and a Connecticut Broadleaf as the wrapper. The flavors range from spicy to sweet so take your pick.

Black n’ Mild


Seeing Black & Mild cigars might feel like a throwback to the nineties when they were at peak popularity but they are still a good gas station cigar today. There are many flavored options but people also like the brand for their wood tip cigar.

One of the redeeming qualities of Black n’ Mild is that they use pipe-tobacco. In fact, this has been the corner stone of the brand since it was established by the John Middleton Co. In 1968.

Arango Sportsman


If you are not interested in the flavored tobacco that many gas station cigars use, you might be pleasantly surprised with Arango Sportsman. These machine-made cigars only have a slight hint of vanilla, just enough to tingle your senses.

The brand uses Honduran and Dominican tobacco for the filler and keeps it all snug with an Ecuadorian wrapper. It is not quite a classic cigar but compared to the other gas station options, it comes close enough.

Garcia y Vega


You might not be able to find Garcia y Vega cigars at every gas station but when you do it is one of the best options you can buy. This is about as traditional as gas station cigars can get.

Garcia y Vega is also one of the oldest cigar manufacturers, dating back as far as 1882. The brand uses Caribbean basin Cuban seed filler and an Indonesian wrapper for their factory made cigars, available in a range of different styles.

Prime Time Little Cigars


Prime Time Little Cigars are one of the most widely available cigar brands and it is also one of the most affordable options on our list of the best gas station cigars. These small flavored cigars are best known for their fruity flavors.

The thing about flavored cigars is that you either love them or hate them. If you have never tried them before, you can buy a pack of Prime Time and not feel guilty about what you spent even if you never smoke them again.



Villiger cigars come from one of the least likely countries but they have a long and rich history in craftsmanship. Originated by a Swiss couple, the company has strong roots in Germany and from there spread their cigars all over the world.

Villiger cigars have been available in the United States since 2002 so it is one of the newer brands you can find at the gas station. They are very proud of their quality so it is a safe choice for convenience store cigars.



Avanti is another great American cigar company, started by an Italian family in New York. Today, it is the only producer of dry cured cigars in the United States.

Avanti cigars are characterized by a smoky but sweet note. It sits a few levels above the other gas station cigars because it only uses Kentucky tobacco and does not use any binders.



Macanudo is a high quality cigar brand so it is an odd one out on this list. However, if you are lucky enough you might spot one of their more affordable cigars at the gas station.

Even their more affordable options of Macanudo are still considerably more expensive than the standard gas station flavored tobacco cigars and cigarillos but if you consider yourself a cigar aficionado you would steer away from them. If you are unwilling to make compromises on your cigars, you will want to go on the hunt for Macanudo.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Kind of Cigars are Sold at Gas Stations?

Generally, gas stations sell more affordable cigars and cigars that are more mild and easier to smoke for newbies. That is why there tends to be a greater selection of flavored tobacco and cigarillos at gas stations.

Are Gas Station Cigars Good?

You will rarely find top quality cigars at gas stations, most are on the lower end. That being said, some of the brands produce very decent cigars considering their price point.

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How Much Do Gas Station Cigars Cost?

The exact price depends on the brand but most gas station cigars cost less than $10. They are often sold in packets which comes down to less than $1 per cigar or cigarillo.