Bigg Boss 11 January 5, 2018 full episode written update: Big Boss arranges a Debate session in the house. Luv and Hina stand against each other. Housemates get to meet their fans for the eviction process.

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Bigg Boss 11 airs on Colors.

Missed last night’s Bigg Boss 11 episode? Read all the highlights from the latest episode of India’s most controversial reality show aired on Colors.

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Shilpa asks Luv why he is not talking to Hina. She suggests Luv to apologise to Hina. She tells him that Hina was playing for him also.Bigg Boss announces that the nominated contestants will get votes directly from the their fans in the mall.Hina and Vikas get excited. Vikas says he never got this chance of meeting his fans like celebrities.Puneesh suggests Shilpa to speak in Marathi with her fans.Bigg Boss tells contestants that they have to be a part of the debate session in which the contestants tell each other why others do not deserve to stay in the house.Akash blames Hina that she plays dirty games in the tasks. Hina says she have given her 1000% during the tasks.Vikas says Hina lives in her own world.Luv blames Hina that she is upset because he didn’t take her side. Hina says she had to choose Vikas because his friend didn’t support her in the task. Hina and Luv get into an argument.Vikas asks Luv and Hina to solve their disputes. Luv says he doesn’t want to apologise to her. Hina says Luv’s ego is more important to him than his friend.Vikas and Luv get into an argument. Vikas says Luv is not loyal to his friends.Vikas blames Shilpa that she didn’t get involved in the task. Shilpa says she is playing alone from the starting of this show.Hina blames Shilpa that she only performs in the kitchen.Bigg Boss calls nominated contestants out of the house.Contestants enter the mall and the crowd starts shouting their names.Puneesh and Akash enjoy their alone time by sleeping.Contestants get out of the mall due to security purpose. Shilpa shouts on entering the house. Puneesh says they get bored without them.Contestants share their experiences with Akash and Puneesh.Akash asks Luv about Shilpa’s fan. Luv says Shilpa is going to win this show.Shilpa makes fun of Hina. She shows how Hina was reacting in the mall.Bigg Boss calls the nominated contestants in the confession room and asks them to open the box of results when he announces.