As Bigg Boss 11 draws towards the season finale, Hina and Luv's friendship goes through a tough phase.


It is day two of the Ticket to Grand Finale "mountain climbing" task. While the second part of the ‘long trek’ commences, contestants slowly arrive at the realization that they need to leave their friendships behind and play their own individual games. The episode begins with all the contestants sitting outside the door of the room anxiously from where they have to pick up their bags.

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Bigg Boss 11 contestants perform the mountain climbing task

Luv and Hina are seen talking in signals. The siren rings and the housemates quickly grab the bags and go on the inclined platform to take their positions. After the bell rings, inmates come to weigh their bags. In this round, since Hina"s bag weighs minimum, a bag from her name is removed and she loses a point.

As the task continues, it is clearly celebrities versus the commoners, as they team up to reach the ‘peak’. Luv, Akash and Puneesh have decided to defeat the celebrities anyhow. Vikas wonders that why was Luv after him and he tells Hina that all that Luv wants is to defeat him. Hina agrees with him. Another alarm rings and they grab the bags again. This time they empty only Vikas and Akash’s bag. Vikas loses out on a point. However, Hina and Vikas cliam that Vikas" bag, which was with Akash, is open from above, hence it involved cheating. Hina and Vikas ask Bigg Boss the truth. Bigg Boss tells Hina to take a decision. Hina says she will take off Vikas" another bag as his bag weighed the minimum.

Hina tells Luv that he should not think about getting Vikas out of the task first and instead, they should try and take Akash out. He disagrees with her and tells that Vikas always gets ahead in the task by his strategy of sweet talking and this time, he will not let him do that. Luv also makes it amply clear to Hina that winning the task means a lot to him and henceforth, he will not support her in this task. Forming an alliance with Puneesh, the two commoners join forces to devise a strategy to win this game.

Bigg Boss announces that the first leg of the Mount BB task has come to an end. Vikas tells Hina that she was unfair and the latter puts across her point. Hina talks to herself and says that she does not know why she is supporting Vikas who has not let her be the captain so many times. At the same time, she does not want Akash to get ahead in the task as she feels that Vikas was a far better player than Akash. But then, not everybody thinks like her, she says.

Cut to the next morning, as the contestants wake up to the title song of Josh, Vikas continues to sleep even after the alarm rings. He tells that he was ill and made to do the task. Hina again talks to herself and says that Vikas was a dramebaaz and he should have said that he does not want to do the task since he was so unwell. She also feels that Vikas starts feeling sick when things do not go the way he wants.

Shilpa and Puneesh are in the kitchen and the latter guarantees that Hina will not be the top contender for the ticket to the finale. Hina again tells Luv that Akash has to be out of the task. She adds that attacking Shilpa will not make sense because she thinks she will get the votes anyhow. Luv reminds Shilpa that she plotted to evict Hiten as she feared him, to which Shilpa confesses that she did not fear Hiten but just wanted to break Arshi, Vikas and Hiten"s friendship. Shilpa further says that she has confidence in her and faith in her fans and that Hiten was no competition to her.

Now that Hina has no more allies in the task, she seeks support from Shilpa and ‘Mastermind’ Vikas Gupta. The three successfully manage to overthrow Akash out of the race as Vikas gets Akash’s bag and Hina empties it out and thus, he loses out on his third point. Being the first one to get out, Akash gets into an intense argument with Hina and she reveals that her sole motive was to eliminate him from the task. Hina keeps teasing Akash saying that someone is in shock. Akash tells that he is still safe from nominations and is in top five. Shilpa also joins Hina and makes fun of Akash who calls Hina a cheap player.

Watching the three celebrities together, Puneesh and Luv decide to tighten their guard and stand by each other. Together, they eliminate Vikas from the race, leaving Hina and Shilpa to create a new strategy for winning this game. The two ladies are determined not to let the commoners reach the top of Mount BB.

The next round of the task begins and this time, Hina aggressively tries to empty Puneesh’s bag, which is hanging on Luv’s back. Luv, who is trying to empty Shilpa’s bag gets distracted and loses his cool on Hina. In the process, Puneesh is able to empty Hina’s bag which is on Shilpa’s shoulder. Further, Luv gets angry and does not let Hina close the door of the room where the bags are kept. The two fight over it and call each other coward.

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Hina questions Shilpa why she did not save her bag and the latter answers that Puneesh would have not listened to her. Puneesh and Luv also discuss how Hina was unruly and rough in the game. The day ends with the end of friendship between Luv and Hina. Tomorrow, the inmates will get another chance to win back the lost prize money.