As is tradition, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War features a Zombies mode. What are the best starting weapons in Activision"s FPS?

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Black Ops Cold War Zombies weapons
Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War is yet another COD game to feature a Zombies mode. The game takes players back to the original map, Nacht der Untoten, only this time it has been revamped, renamed, and reimagined.

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Not only has the map been recreated, but the entire system that was once Zombies has been redone as well. Now players can take on the hordes with a weapon of their choice right off the bat. On top of that, these weapons can also be upgraded in multiple ways.

Updated September 2, 2021 By Aden Carter: Black Ops: Cold War has received quite a few new upgrades to the zombies game mode. While players may have started off in Die Maschine, they now have access to two other maps: Firebase Z and Mauer Der Toten. Firebase Z brings players to an Omega Outpost deep in the jungles of Vietnam, while Mauer Der Toten throws players into Berlin. Both of these new maps brought in brand new enemies for players to take on and new weapons. Since players are going to be taking on more zombies, they may as well know more weapons to start with to really help get the ball rolling.

12 KSP 45

Black ops cold war zombies KSP SMG on weapon rack
Burst Fire Lightweight Not so good at higher rounds The KSP 45 has great damage to start the game with. When upgraded, players will have no problem mowing down a few packs of zombies. This gun is burst fire, so it doesn't have the same fire rate as some other weapons, but it holds its own and is great to start with.

The downside to the KSP 45 is that it ends up being a little lackluster once players start getting into rounds over ten. It still works decently well though; plus, its lightweight frame means a faster running speed, so that players can easily outpace the zombies that end up trailing them.

Black ops cold war zombies RPD LMG on weapon rack
Large clip for dealing with hordes Slows players under Large damage capability The RPD in previous Zombies modes was one of legend. Players who got it out of the box were ecstatic, knowing they had gotten one of the best guns in the game. The same rings true in the new Zombies mode, except players can now start off with this great weapon and can customize it to their heart's content.

Field upgrades allow for this gun and all other LMGs to be more powerful. Again, the downside comes with the mobility, but that is a small price to pay for the power this gun offers.

Black ops cold war zombies Stoner 68 LMG on weapon rack
Great weapon for low and high rounds Large clip Heavy and slows players under The Stoner 63 LMG is the first LMG players will get access to, and it is a game-changer. Even without any upgrades, this weapon can shred through zombies in the early rounds. Once it gets upgraded, players can easily take on higher round zombies with ease.

Unlocking the upgrades will only make the killing easier. The only downside to the weapon, like all LMGs, is the lack of mobility. However, payers can easily circumvent that by grabbing the Stammin Up perk.

Black ops cold war zombies krig 6 assault rifle on weapon rack
Extremely steady fire price Not recommended for higher rounds One of the best assault rifles to start through The Krig 6 is similar to the Galil from previous Zombies games. It has a very steady rate of fire that doesn't throw the player's view around, and can easily help them get through the early rounds without a problem. This gun is even better when upgraded and the attachments make it even more worthwhile.

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Players who don't upgrade the weapon will notice a decent damage dropoff when they start to get into the higher rounds. However, for starting out, the Krig 6 is perhaps the best of the best when it comes to assault rifles.

Deals a high amount of damage Good for low and high ring Players will remember the Aug from many other Call of Duty Zombies modes. It was once a fan-favorite, and it still holds good merit. This gun is a headshot machine, and players who use it will realize that it can quickly take down both normal and elite enemies.

The downside to this weapon is the damage dropoff when a player doesn't get a headshot. While the drop isn't too bad, players will want to aim for the head at all times.

Extremely large clip dimension Large damage calculation Heavy and slows players under The M60 is perhaps the best LMG players can start off with. It has high damage and can easily carry players above round ten, without the need for upgrades. It has a massive damage output that puts other guns to shame.

The only problems the gun faces, like with all LMGs, is the lack of movement when carrying it and its horrible reload speed. Still, the reload speed can always be upgraded through perks and attachments, and the same goes for mobility. Bosses can easily be taken down with this weapon, without spending tons of ammo in the process.

High damage Good for low and high ring Best assault rifle to start through Better than any other tactical rifle in the game, the M16 has become a favorite amongst players for its huge damage potential. This gun is able to take gamers into high rounds with relative ease without losing too much of its damage — as long as players remember to upgrade it.

Even without upgrading this weapon, it can easily handle the early rounds. Players who aim for the head will find that the M16 can instantly kill many enemies that dare cross into its line of fire.

Slow reload speed Great for low and high ring Large damage output The Hauer 77 is another gun that many players have been grabbing for its raw attack power. This is one of the few guns that are amazing even when not upgraded, although doing so only makes it that much better. Starting off with this weapon, players can easily make it to the double-digit rounds without too much worry.

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The only true downside to this gun is that it is pump-action, which makes it fire a little slower than the norm. However, even that drawback doesn't matter too much when each zombie is killed in one or two shots.

One-hit-kill up to round 15 Not recommended for killing elite enemies Fast movement speed while carrying this weapon It might sound strange that a knife would be one of the best weapons in the game, but that is in fact the case. The knife is capable of getting one-hit-kills for a long time without needing to use the Pack-A-Punch machine.

It can easily get good players up to round fifteen without any troubles, as long as they don't get caught in the middle of a horde. The only area where this weapon doesn't shine is boss killing. Elite zombies will be trouble for players who are only holding the knife, but that is only because of the damage these enemies cause.

Large clip size when pack-a-punched Capable of one-hit-kills up to round 10 Great for low and high ring The Gallo SA12 is the first shotgun players get access to when leveling up, and the last shotgun they will ever need. Capable of killing zombies with one hit up to round ten, this gun is well equipped from the start. Players can then work on upgrading the weapon if they choose or they can buy a new one from the marking on the downed plane.

The one players can buy is stronger, but it isn't necessary. Of course, players can always upgrade the gun after leveling it up. The vertical shot works very well.

Extremely slow reload rate Massive clip size when pack-a-punched Large damage output for killing hordes Many players overlook the Streetsweeper because of its incredibly long reload speed. They quickly move on to the next gun and forget they ever saw it. However, despite having such a long reload speed, the Streetsweeper can take on some pretty large hordes of zombies without fail.

Pack-A-Punching this weapon gives it a whopping 38 rounds. Thanks to this, it can deal a large amount of damage to a lot of enemies quickly. It will always help to have Speed Cola equipped when using this weapon, to help mitigate its slowness.

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Very lightweight and won't slow players under Good for low and high rounds One of the best SMGs The AK74u is a returning weapon from previous Black Ops games that fans have grown to love. Some may overlook it because because players might think it deals less damage; however, this weapon actually deals decent damage while also allowing players to move quickly. This is an SMG, after all.

Speed is always important when dealing with zombie hordes, and players who choose this weapon won't be lacking it. Pack-A-Punching this weapon will lead to a large increase in damage that is incredibly useful for later rounds.

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