COD Mobile"s AK117 is a top tier assault rifle in the game. Here"s our guide to the best setup and attachments for this gun.

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COD Mobile"s AK117 is a top tier assault rifle in Season 9.

With many different customisation options it can be easy to get confused with what the best attachments are to equip and which attachments suit your style of play the best.

In this guide, we will give you our tips and tricks to create the ultimate AK117 class!

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The AK117 Assault Rifle

The AK117 assault rifle is unlocked at level 60 and possesses a very high fire rate, good accuracy, and good damage.

It"s a very common weapon amongst players for all of these reasons and with mobile FPS games taking a finger degree of finesse, it is no wonder people rely on it.

AK117 Weapon Skins

Weapons in COD Mobile come with different weapon skins that will make your gun look nice and provide a few advantages:

Star Cammo - Increase movement speed momentarily upon respawning.Headless Rider - Increase movement speed momentarily upon respawning.Balloons Camo - Increase movement speed momentarily upon respawning.Ancient Runes - Increase movement speed momentarily upon respawning.

AK117 Attachments

Attachments in COD Mobile will improve the weapon"s statistics and performance in-game.

The AK117"s base stats are:

Damage - 60Fire Rate - 70Accuracy - 62Mobility - 60Range - 50

With attachments they have the following performance increase:

FMJ - Increases damage by 10.Foregrip - Increases accuracy by 10.Red Dot Sight - Increases range by 5.

The Best AK117 Class

AttachmentsRRTC Light Muzzle BrakeRed Dot Sight 1RTC Steady StockOWC Laster - Tactical

The AK117 has a very high rate of fire, so it"s best to try and control this with the foregrip attachment.

With this in mind, you"ll also need to reduce the distance between you and your opponent; meaning you should play more aggressive. Fast Mags will help you keep on the move with a low reload time and in the action.

Finally, FMJ is great for shooting through objects and walls - with a fast rate of fire it will easily dispatch of enemies before they can react.

PerksFast RecoverTrackerAlert

This setup will allow you to recover from battles and quickly ready yourself for the next one with faster HP recovery and a detailed idea of your enemies locations.

GrenadesSemtex (Lethal)Concussion (Tactical)

This is down to personal preference, for a class like this it"s good to have an aggressive set of grenades to compliment your class.

Operator SkillGravity Spikes

With a fast and aggressive gameplay, the Gravity Spikes will help you deal with any pesky enemies who attack at a moment"s notice.

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ScorestreaksUAV (400)Counter-UAV (600)Stealth Chopper (1000)

Scorestreaks will come down to your playstyle and ability, the aggressive playstyle should see you get kills, but put you at a higher risk of dying. As a result, going with some lower streaks that will help you get around the map undetected will help.

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