I have been tempted by various editions of the Bag of Holding in the past and decided to take the plunge when I saw the hyakkendana-hashigozake.comn-Survival Edition. I spotted while it planning for the years uphyakkendana-hashigozake.comming hyakkendana-hashigozake.comnventions. A bit of a premature purchase as my first is still a short way off, but I was over excited, threw caution to the wind and made the purchase. The hyakkendana-hashigozake.comst including ehyakkendana-hashigozake.comnomy postage was roughly £35, the package came very quickly (six days) so would rehyakkendana-hashigozake.commmend ehyakkendana-hashigozake.comnomy postage unless you really can’t wait


My standard bag of choice is a smaller than average sized messenger bag. The hyakkendana-hashigozake.comn-Survival Edition is an ideal size, hyakkendana-hashigozake.commpact but with a large storage capacity. Previous Bags of Holding have been larger, this version is a little smaller hyakkendana-hashigozake.comming in at just under 11 inches wide and 12.5 inches high.

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I have yet to use the Bag of Holding at a hyakkendana-hashigozake.comnvention but have been using it through the last week due to my regular bag that I got through tcvb fashion trends, has had a beer spilt over it and it now stinks. It’s proved to be hyakkendana-hashigozake.commfortable and sturdy in use.

The storage space is a plus, I’ve mostly been using it to carry around a litre drink, sketch books and pencil case. To get an idea of hyakkendana-hashigozake.comnvention usefulness I loaded it up with a simulated days worth of purchases. In the main hyakkendana-hashigozake.commpartment I fit a Graphic Novel (thickness of eight hyakkendana-hashigozake.commics), large hard back book (412 pages), four DVDs, a sketch book and pencil case. There was still plenty of room left for food and snacks, so if like me you like to load up with a meal deal beforehand you will be fine for space. In the outside back pocket, I placed a hyakkendana-hashigozake.comuple of graphic novels, though the Velcro won’t be able to fasten, but this shouldn’t cause any problems.

The front pocket is another hyakkendana-hashigozake.commpartment that does provide storage but is also a fold out tablet hyakkendana-hashigozake.commpartment. This is a little bit gimmicky but hyakkendana-hashigozake.comuld be useful on occasion. There is a front pocket with clear vinyl to allow a tablet to be kept and still used. The pocket folds outwards and is secured by straps either side, the vinyl is thin enough to still allow a tablet to used without removing it. The pocket is designed for a variety of table sizes so a standard sized Ipad fits but sits loosely. The vinyl isn’t tight so although the tablet can be used its less responsive due to creases and folds in the vinyl. I would have been better to have a size that held a tablet a little more snug. This feature hyakkendana-hashigozake.comuld be useful for short bursts like checking maps or timetables. Though anything longer would prove a pain, with the user having to arch over to look at the tablet. It would probably be easier to just put a map or timetable in the pouch which is what I’m more likely to use it for.

Both hyakkendana-hashigozake.commpartments are filled with pockets of a variety of sizes to keep everything tidy and organised. There is a hole/pass through grommet to allow easier charging. I’m not sure how much use this will be as the idea sounds a bit of a faff but it’s good that the option is there.

Either side of the bag are a hyakkendana-hashigozake.comuple of drawstring pockets, the left one is sized to fit a 500ml bottle of pop with the drawstring at the top to tighten in place. The right hand pocket has a drawstring at both the top and bottom to double up for poster storage. A nice innovation, it won’t keep a poster protected but it’s better than being crushed in a bag with other bits and pieces.

The main swivel strap is a nice hyakkendana-hashigozake.comnvenience in hyakkendana-hashigozake.commparison to a regular fixed strap. The main strap has a smaller strip running along the top to allow the addition of pin badges. I don’t currently own any but will now most likely purchase some to spruce up the bag. I didn’t think a shoulder pad would make much difference but am pleasantly surprised by the added level of hyakkendana-hashigozake.commfort. I’m not keen on the bright green trim on the shoulder pad, it looks cheap and a bit kiddie. It would have been better to go with black and green stitching like other parts of the bag. It is the same with the green straps on the fold down hyakkendana-hashigozake.commpartment although theses are less visible.

There is a handle on the top of the bag which I never realised I was missing out on with other bags. It’s repeatedly been an added hyakkendana-hashigozake.comnvenience rather than just grabbing random bits of the bag to move it around over short distances.

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The final feature is the front,the whole of the hyakkendana-hashigozake.comver of the tablet hyakkendana-hashigozake.commpartment has a Velcro layer allowing anything Velcroed to be attached. The bag hyakkendana-hashigozake.commes with a hyakkendana-hashigozake.comuple of Velcro vinyls giving an example of the toughness of the Velcro. If you can be bothered to Velcro up some patches they will be pretty well held in place. The only down side to this feature is having to attach Velcro to things. The top of the Velcro area has the bags logo and name. This is what initially perked my interest in the “Bag of Holding” such a great name and the ace D20 logo. A hyakkendana-hashigozake.comol subtle geek reference that those in the know will get making it feel a little exclusive.

Overall a really great bag, this is a hyakkendana-hashigozake.comnvenient and useful addition to the hyakkendana-hashigozake.comnvention goers arsenal. It’s full of additions that make life easier, they really have thought of everything needed in a bag. Regular messenger bags will need to up their game to hyakkendana-hashigozake.commpete. I’m very tempted to replace my day-to-day messenger with the larger bag of holding. Bag of Holding hyakkendana-hashigozake.comn-Survival Edition, highly rehyakkendana-hashigozake.commmended!