Ransomware, trojans, worms, and nasty spyware to log your every keystroke – that’s just some of what users are up against in this digital age!

Luckily, the good guys have some moves of their own. The antivirus market is full of great products that will catch every type of malware on your computer or mobile device.

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In this article, I’ll take a look at one such lifesaver – Avast Antivirus.

With origins dating back to before the fall of the Berlin Wall (founded in Czechoslovakia in 1988!) Avast has a long history of building effective anti-malware products.

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Now, with its solid 33-year track record in cybersecurity, Avast is undoubtedly among the biggest antivirus providers in the world. The company boasts 435 million monthly active users and was the second biggest Windows antivirus vendor in 2020 based on market share.

With such popularity, it’s no surprise that many users will turn to Avast Antivirus for their device security.

So, in this in-depth Avast Antivirus review, I’ll try to answer some important questions about this tool. How does Avast stack up in a market full of great antivirus providers? How good are its features? And crucially, is the price worth it?

Let"s find out!