In this comparison we take a look at the American Standard Champion 4 vs Champion 4 Max. This is a comparison between two very high-quality toilet systems from the same brand. So, naturally, you want to know more about these toilets before you spend your money. While you can read the product descriptions for both of these toilets on different sites. You may have an issue deciphering what those differences will mean for performance. We break it down for you below.

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For either, the flushing system is designed in such a way that the entire bowl and rim is cleaned with a single flush.


American Standard Champion 4

But, the Champion 4 Max outdid all other flushing systems in MaP test. MaP test, also known as Max Performance checks how well the toilets perform. The Champion 4 Max received the highest possible score of 1000 grams per flush. It accomplished this with only 1.28 gallons of water used per flush. This makes the Champion 4 Max the most efficient flushing system for bulk waste removal.

Customer say, with the Champion 4, there can be residue and skid marks left behind after a flush. And unfortunately, that means resorting to a cleaning brush. Also, some customers complained about the noise made by the champion 4 while flushing. This is important if you have these toilets installed in the bedroom. In the middle of the night it can cause some disturbance and wake sleeping family members.

The 4 max makes less noise than its counterpart according to customer reviews we came across.

Both the toilets lack a heated seat and an in-built night light.


The Champion 4 Max which is a two-piece toilet comes in two different boxes. One box contains the toilet bowl and the other containing the flush tank. The one-piece toilet will arrive in a single, large box.

Both the Champion 4 and Champion 4 Max toilets are sold without the seat included. The American Standard recommends the slow closing seat available with them. Included in the box are 2 color-matched bolt caps.

Ease of installation

Almost all the customers agree that these toilets are really easy to install. All you will need is a new, industry standard wax ring and a bolt kit. They come with the set of instructions and one can get them working with no difficulty. As the one-piece Champion 4 is somewhat heavy, you might need one other person to help you carry it.


Maintenance is very minimal for these toilets – a fact that customers enjoy. Once installation is complete, neither of these toilets seem to have any major issues.

Both the toilets come with the antimicrobial EverClean both inside and out. This makes it not only easy to clean, but also, the antimicrobial surface prevents the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew.

Certification Compliance

Both the toilets are compliant with the height requirements specified by the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) guidelines for accessible facilities. The Champion 4 Max is also compliant with the US EPA WaterSense Specifications for High Efficiency Toilets. The Champion 4 lacks this certification.


Both these toilets come with a 10-year warranty by American Standard.

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When it comes to the American Standard Champion 4 vs Champion 4 Max, we would recommend that you go with the Champion 4 Max. It is by far the more efficient and superior toilet with its 1.28 gallon per flush compared to 1.6. According to test, the 4 Max can clear more waste from the toilet bowl, all the while using less water and producing less noise.

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