Have you ever faced the ‘ADB server is out of Date, Killing…’ error while debugging apps on an Android phone?This error message may make the processes slow and even kill them many times. The full message may display-adb server is out of date. Killing…* daemon started successfully *Or you may even face the error-adb server is out of date. Killing…* daemon started successfully ** daemon is still not running error: cannot connect to daemon*This message usually occurs when you debug using the USB on your computer by HTC sync.The problem can be quite simple to fix, but before we get ahead with solving the error, let’s discuss what’s the cause of the issue.

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What Causes The Error?

The phone sync application detects that you have connected a phone to your computer and it tries to forward a TCP/IP port to it.To forward the TCP/IP port, the phone sync application runs adb.exe from its folders and asks it to map the port.Also Read: How to use ADB sideload on Android When you debug your phone with Android SDK it will call adb.exe. However, during the process, the newer adb.exe detects the older version which is running and terminates it.This breaks the port mapping. When the phone sync application detects broken port mapping, it kicks off adb.exe from SDK.If the adb.exe is kicked off from SDK before the debugging is complete, you will get the ‘ADB server is out of date, killing…’ error and the debugging will stop.

fixing the adb server is out of date error using adbfix toolNow that you know what caused the error, it will be quite easier for you to fix it.The most efficient way to fix this error will be to find the older version of the adb.exe and then delete it.Deleting the older version of the adb.exe will break the syncing application functionality. However, to fix this issue, you can use the ADBFix(download) tool. This tool will help you fix the issue you are facing.Read Also:  How to fix ADB devices unauthorized errorWhat it does is, it will detect older instances of the adb.exe that was causing the issue, and it will replace them with a stub.The stub that replaces the older instances will run adb.exe from SDK so that no issues are faced.To solve the issue, follow the steps given below-Connect your phone to your computer using a USB.Make sure you download the ADBFix tool and run it on your computer.Next, you will have to specify the location of the Android SDK.Once that is done, click on ‘Fix all’ to fix the error that you are receiving while debugging.Once the error is fixed, the status will be marked as ‘Fixed’.Now you will no longer face the error while you debug your device.Moreover, you can anytime roll back to the older version/original ABD, by selecting the instance, and clicking on the ‘Restore Original ADB.’


That’s how you can fix the ‘ADB server is out of date, killing…’ error.The method mentioned in this article is one of the easiest methods to do so.You will find various methods on the internet, and many of them might require you to have a basic knowledge of computer programming.This is one of the easiest methods that you can use to fix the error that you are facing.

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