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I have a friend that has a 7mm-08 and he said he would reccomend buying one. he said they are a little bigger than a .308 but not as big as a .30-06. I want to get a .30-06 or .308 because everyone i hunt with has them so i could borrow ammo if i ran out. He also said they dont have near the recoil of either. is it a good long range rifle, is it big enough to hunt elk moose and black bear. I know the .30-06 is big enough but is it as accurate. What about the price of bullets is there much diffeence. What would you guys reccomend for me?:jammin:
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A 7mm-08 is simply a .308 case with a 7MM bullet seated. It is in fact smaller than a .308. Get a 30-06. You can"t go wrong.
7mm-08 will inherintly be more accurate than the 30-06 but the difference most likley will not matter for hunting. I would go with the 7mm-08 I like short throw actions and mild recoil. Also the 7mm-08 will shoot flatter than the .308 or the 30-06.
I am a 308 person my self but if you want to shoot the bigger stuff I would also suggest the 30-06. all of them are capable of holding good groups sure the 308 will hold better than the 30-06, and the 7mm-08 will be better than the 308 if all things are equal.The 30-06 is the better choice because ammo is available everywhere. Cost will be a little more but not much. If you get one that you can not find ammo for all you have is a very expensive club.Shares of Chuck Norris (KICK) have risen dramatically in recent weeks, and closed yesterday at it"s 5-year high of 50 roundhouse kicks to the face.
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I looked on a few web sites for this and found the 7mm-8 is slower and does not have the impact energy a .308 or a .30-06 does. I use to have a .308, I did not like the gun but liked the caliber. It was a nice shooting for close range (again the gun I had was not the best). I now shoot a .300. I like the speed and impact the .300 gives. Of your looking for speed a .308 can hit the high 2k mark and a is just a bit faster, while the 7mm-08 has good speed but it lacks impact and rage the other two have, I looke this up on the winchester ammo website.If you are looking at using it for more then just deer a .30-06 gives you a bit more advantage. If you are looking at maybe trying varmints a .308 is popular for them too. Both a .308 and also .30-06 can get in the numbers for elk or game bigger then a deer. pluse ammo for them are to come by unlike the 7mm-08.

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