Hi all, I was donig some checking up on the lost island of Hy-Brasil it is supposed to be off the west coast of Ireland ,one of the military meninvolved in the Rendlesham Forest incident said that he touched the UFO involved there and got a psychic message with a set of co ordinates 52° 09′42.532″ N 13° 13′ 12.69″ W which takes you to the sea off the Irish coast now I went to google earth(not a dependable resource know) plugged in the coordinates and my cursor flew there and zoomed in currently ,the area around the co ordinateds is relatively clear you can see sea bed features etc but thearea directly on those co ordinates is mysteriously blurred ,I was wondering if anyone has any idea"s about this ,here is the link to the literatureI was reading enjoy.blog.strangenewsdaily.net...
=D this is the same location 150 mill worth of silver was found sunken inside a ship, having watched "lost" I can only assume magnets are involved>_> but its just a theory. hy brasil and the silver both match the binary coordinates from the rendlesham forest notes. EXPLORATION HUMANITY 52 09"42.532" N 13 13"12.69" W CONTI FOR PLANETARY ADVAN however there is always a flip side, here is an alternative view that the decoding was not correct www.ufo-blogger.com...

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Google Maps Unfortunately google maps online doesn"t give anything iinteresting here. Anyone have google earth and can show a screen shot? btw there is an image there on the left with a supposed hy-brasil image.
gut feeling tells me you need to not translate the code into ascii to get the numbers out the other end. still, I don"t personally know what thesolution is to find those coordinates, how did the "expert in binary" the fella from rendlesham hired to translate the code do it? (I recall theprogrammer being described as such in a documentary.)
found this thread on it, www.hyakkendana-hashigozake.com... claims gold was found in a "shipwreck" at the same coordinates posted...weird
Found a very interesting map you all might be interested in ., it dates back to the 1590s . I,ll link both the separate image and the original source. fondosdigitales.us.es... fondosdigitales.us.es... It appears that there were a few more islands in the same area as the Brafit / Hy-Brasil that are gone additionally .

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