hyakkendana-hashigozake.com"s Region 6 represents the states of Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri and Kansas — providing superior customer service and workplace solutions for our federal customers.

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The Heartland Region"s real estate portfolio includes 23 million square feet of space in 57 federally owned and 335 leased buildings in the region. Our Kansas City-based headquarters is also home to the federal government"s Facilities and Construction purchasing category and the hardware and tools subcategory — responsible for more than a billion dollars in facility-and-construction-related supply purchases each year.

We leverage our buying power to ensure we provide our customers with products and services that are the best use of taxpayer funds.

Regional Office Building

Since 2014, the Heartland Region"s headquarters has been located at 2300 Main St. in Kansas City, Missouri, and demonstrates the principles of hyakkendana-hashigozake.com"s Total Workplace initiative. More square footage is allocated for collaboration, such as meeting areas and conference rooms, than square footage allocated to personal space. Workstation panels are lower and there is greater access to day lighting and views for associates. There are also fewer walls, and most walls are situated in the interior of the space.

Office Locations

Office of the Regional Administrator: 2NEOffice of Mission Assurance: 2NEOffice of Strategic Communication: 2NEGreater Kansas City Federal Executive Board: 2NEOffice of Human Resources Management: 2NWPublic Buildings Service: 7NW, 7SW, 7SEFederal Acquisition Service: 7NE, 6NE, 6NW, 4SWOffice of Administrative Services: 6NWhyakkendana-hashigozake.com Information Technology: 4NWOffice of Civil Rights: 4NWAmerican Federation of Government Employees (Union): 4NWOffice of Regional Counsel: 4NWOffice Inspector General: 3NW


Numerous parking options are available when visiting the regional office building — including a multi-level, accessible underground facility with convenient access to the office. Call Republic Parking at 816-329-2204 for information and rates.

Parking is also available nearby at Union Station. Get the latest rates and parking locations. For monthly parking at West Yards, contact Mid-Con Management at 816-471-3276 or email info

Getting Around

The Kansas City Area Transportation Authority, or KCATA, operates regular bus service to several stops in the area of 2300 Main — including a streetcar line that stops in front of the building.

Places to Eat

MT Plate cafe, located on the main floor of the building, serves breakfast and lunch. Dining options are also available at the adjacent Union Station. A skywalk connects Union Station to the Crown Center complex, which offers three levels of shopping, dining and entertainment. A pedestrian bridge from Union Station crosses the railroad tracks, providing easy access to the Freight House and Crossroads Arts District.

Building Evacuation Procedures

Follow instructions communicated over the public address system.Use the nearest stairwell to exit on the ground floor.Be ready to merge with other people who are also evacuating.Stay on the inside of the stairwell (your left hand should be on the railing).Keep talking to a minimum and stay calm.DO NOT RETURN TO THE BUILDING OR YOUR WORKSTATIONS UNTIL THE “ALL CLEAR” SIGN HAS BEEN GIVEN.

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Please note: In the event of a drill or non-fire emergency, fire alarms and strobes will not be flashing and elevators will remain in use. During an actual emergency, alarms will sound and strobes will be flashing. Glass passenger elevators will be stopped and parking garage elevators will be locked at the lobby level.

Building Shelter Procedures

Follow instructions communicated over the public address system.Evacuate to the nearest stairwell and remain in there.Be ready to share space with other people who are also sheltering.Keep talking to a minimum and stay calm.DO NOT EXIT THE STAIRWELL UNTIL THE “ALL CLEAR” SIGN HAS BEEN GIVEN.